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Braden Bin - 2/9/18

Back by popular demand (not really), I introduce to you...

THE BRADEN BIN!!!! My name is Ben Braden.  Get it?  
Ok, so I'm going to start with a blog that came up on my Twitter (@Mr_Braden) timeline recently.  I'm going to do this knowing full well that in doing so, I might rip a hole right through the space time continuum (I never knew that word was spelled like that).  It's a blog, similar to this one here, in which an Assistant Principal, similar to this one here, writes about things that have piqued his interest, similar to this one here.  
So, without further ado, here are the things that I'm interested in right now.  
Blog I'm Enjoying: The 1-5-15 Bulletin Love the format of this blog.  It's quick, it's easy and it's educational.  

Book I'm Reading: One of my New Year Resolutions, the only one I have actually stuck with, is to read more in 2018.  In an attempt to help me accomplish the resolution, I decided to take part in the #SixtyBooks challen…

When Breath Becomes Air - Review

A poetic piece of literature about a young man who is also a doctor who probably would have found the cure to something or at least saved thousands of lives but finds out when he is 36 he has terminal cancer and only lives to 37.

It's sad.

Like, really sad.

But it's also incredibly enlightening.

Dr. Paul Kalanithi's memoir changed my life.

Although the other day I got a little lightheaded and spiraled into a panic attack thinking this could be my last day on Earth and questioning whether or not I did it right.  Life, that is.

That's what this book will do to you.  Not the panic attack thing, that part is on me, but this book will make you take a long, hard look at how you are livin'.  Will make you question your relationships and whether or not you are giving them the attention they deserve.  It will actually make you NOT roll your eyes the next time you hear live each day like it's your last or see a Carpe Diem tattoo next to that tribal on that tanned bicep.

Slow Down

This post is going to seem a little life coachie.  Don't get me wrong here, I'm not a life coach, never claimed to be, never want to be, never will be.  But, I have learned some things along my journey that I feel obligated to share. 

I've got plenty of things that I am personally working on...

-  Read more
-  Eat less

You know, those types of things. 

Well, I got to thinking this morning because during a community circle I was participating in, the question that was proposed to the group was -

If you could make everybody in society follow ONE rule, what rule would it be?  
My buddy standing next to me whispered, "How many times do you think the GOLDEN RULE will be said before it gets to us?"  I said, "four". 

The right answer was 8. 

My answer - slow down

Life is SO fast, I feel it is extremely important to "carpe diem" to "live for the day" to...
Verb[edit]stopandsmelltheroses (idiomatic) To relax; to take time out of one's busy…

The Other Parents

The other parents at gymnastics might have looked at me a bit strange when right at this moment, I got a little teary eyed. 

Ok, I cried.

The song from Moana came on. Don’t judge me.

The other parents don’t know we watched her go through 19 cycles of chemotherapy and that mop on her head is something she is incredibly proud of .

The other parents don’t know that we’ve calmed her countless times as she woke up startled from anesthesia.

The other parents don’t know that we’ve seen tubes and wires sticking from her little body.

The other parents don’t know that we didn’t think she was going to make it through that first night after her first surgery to remove the tumor from her liver.

The other parents don’t know that our little fighter is in remission.

The other parents don’t know and not knowing isn’t a bad thing.

The other parents know she’s just a normal girl.