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The Braden Bin - 3/4/16

What I'm Reading - Election Guide:  5 Education Takeaways From the Presidential Candidates 
  • Juuuuuust in case you are as confused as I am on who to vote for, EdWeek put out a nice election guide for us education minded folks.  When it seems as if the candidates speak about everything other than education, it's nice to know that each has their own version of a "plan".  

What I'm Reading (Bonus)
  • So, Google's up to something again and this one I am VERY excited about.  Think of the implications this could have on education.  On igniting that fire in our kids for reading!  I can't wait to try it!  
What I'm Watching - Plato's Allegory of the Cave by Alex Gendler

  • I think this video draws some very interesting parallels to our current political system.  I particularly like the quote, "Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance but hostile to anyone who points it out."
  • "As we go about our lives, can we be confident in what we think we know?  Perhaps one day, a glimmer of light will punch a hole in your most basic assumptions."  I hope you find that glimmer of light and I hope you find it soon!  
  • As educators, it is our responsibility to show our students "reality" or the Forms.  That means digging deeper than anything that can possibly be tested on a state mandated standardized test.  That means taking the time to dig much deeper than most textbooks can possibly dig.  That means taking risks and taking time it takes to peel back the layers on seemingly simple concepts.  Facilitating children's exposure to shadows is easy, how are you going to make sure they receive reality?  
Music I'm Jamming To - Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy
  • Sometimes I'm going to get personal on this blog.  Sorry.  I've got something heavy on my heart right now and this song brings it out.  My Avery is going in for her 4th surgery on Monday.  After the previous 3 surgeries and 10 cycles of chemotherapy, the cancer still isn't gone thus our journey continues.  Doc found another spot, this time on her left lung.  This is going to be it, right?  She's 3 and has fought harder for her life than I have ever had to fight for anything, and it's not even close.  Baby girl, I've had your back through all of this.  Anywhere I've gone, there you are and anywhere I go, there you are.  You are the fire and the flood.  #OwlsForAvery 
  • UPDATE:  I wrote this earlier in the week when we were set on surgery.  We have had some reservations and may go with another option.  Such is life when your daughter is fighting cancer.  Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, it's Friday morning and we don't know what we are going to do.  It doesn't help that the 4 doctors we have reached out to for another opinion are also split.  I'm confident that we will make the right decision.  The best decision we can.  
Just in case you ever wanted a mini donkey, 20 of them are looking for forever  homes
My question for you is, why would anyone NOT want a mini donkey?


  1. Um, we might have to get a mini donkey for Avery!!! Can she ride it, like a mini horse? 🤔

  2. Will definitely be lifting you all up Monday.


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Some things that stuck out to me...

I, in no way, was really prepared to be a teacher my first year.  Thankfully I had a great and supportive group around me at Isle of Hope elementary school in Savannah, GA!  
I loved the part about how good teaching can erase some of the negative effects of poverty on children.  I couldn't agree more with that.  Unfortunately, recruiting and retaining "great" teachers at high poverty schools is very hard.  You have to have a desire to work with our kids and not all people have that.  

That's ok.  
I want to hire people who want to work with our students. Our students deserve that. 

Traditional forms of Professional Development sucks.  Teachers, for the most part, HATE it.  Ok, when I was a teacher, for the most part, I HATED it.  But, then again, I wasn't the best student when I was in school.  I think it's just the way it is delivered.  
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